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Welcome to Rustek

Rustek is a group of companies with headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland. We offer services related to the import and operation of technical and industrial equipment in the Customs Union countries: Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We can obtain all the necessary certification/declarations for import and operation of the equipment, and can also provide our Clients with consulting services related to rules and regulations which are currently in force in these countries.

If you have a contract for delivery to these countries, or you are bidding or negotiating such a contract, please contact us for further information and a quotation. If you are contractor of a large project we can offer comprehensive consultancy and certification services for the duration of your project.

The advantages of working with Rustek:

We have 15-years’ experience in the certification of technical and industrial products, particularly those associated with the oil, gas and power industries

Our Russian office is staffed with fluent English-speaking Russians. They are experienced not only in the field of certification but are also qualified Mechanical, Chemical and Marine Engineers.

For the duration of your project, you will work closely with one of these Engineers who will guide you through the certification process.

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible service at a competitive price.

More than 1000 companies worldwide have selected Rustek as their provider of certification services.

We would be pleased to see you as one of our Clients.

About Rustek

RUSTEK was established in 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden and now has offices in London, Lugano, St. Petersburg and Almaty. Our company TOO "Rustek-Kazakhstan" is expert organization accredited by Gosgortechnadzor of Kazakhstan.

RUSTEK offers companies worldwide, who export goods to Russia and other CU (Custom Union) countries, a comprehensive range of certification services to prove their compliance to the applicable standards. Certification and declaration procedures in the CU countries are bureaucratic and complicated. By using RUSTEK’s services, Companies avoid contacting directly various certifying authorities who might be difficult to deal with due to language /administrative problems. A major advantage of using RUSTEK is we offer a comprehensive all-in-one service.

We assist our Clients with cost-effective solutions in the difficult field of certification.

RUSTEK has an enviable reputation for obtaining the right Certificates, Declarations and other documents on time.

We have a staff of well-educated English-spoken and experienced engineers and we offer fixed price quotations. Our clients, among whom are large number of well-known blue-chip companies, come from all over the world and export equipment to the oil, gas, power, chemical, petrochemical and other process industries within the CU

How we work

these are the steps..


Client advises their scope of supply, and provides a technical description, data sheets and specifications, together with tariff/HS codes.


Rustek evaluates the certification requirements (import certificate/operational permits etc.) in accordance with current Customs Union regulations, taking into consideration the nature of the equipment and the tariff code.


On contract award, Rustek appoints a Project Manager from its St. Petersburg office who submits a list of documents required for the technical evaluation of your product and manages the certification process from start to finish. He will also accompany any visiting Russian Experts to your factory, should this be required by the certification process.


Upon receipt of these documents, Rustek starts the application procedure. In many cases there are several independent procedures, such as: Expert Conclusion, CU TR certificate or declaration, Metrology Certificate for instruments etc. The Rustek Project Manager coordinates all this work with the different certification bodies, expert organizations and authorities until all the final documents are issued.


Once the certificates/declarations are checked and approved by Rustek, they are issued to you. This completes the certification process.

Why choose Us?

We have 15-years’ experience in certification of technical and industrial products, particularly those associated with the oil, gas and power industries

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible service at a competitive price.

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Certification requirements


There are a number of documents which could be required for the importation and operation of industrial equipment in the Customs Union countries, depending on their nature and application:

1. At the stage of Customs clearance

2. At the stage of Commissioning and Operation It does not mean that all documents are always required.
Rustek will review relevant technical documentation and advise what documents are applicable for specific packages and goods.

Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) Certificate / Declaration of Conformity
On the 6th July 2010, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus came together to create the “Customs Union” based on a single customs territory and unified customs legislation and customs duties. “Customs Union Technical Regulations” (CU TR) were chosen as the format for the unified requirements. More than 20 CU TRs are in force for now. The CU TRs related to industrial equipment are:

Compliance of equipment to the above CU TR’s, as applicable, has to be confirmed by a “Certificate of Conformity – CoC” or “Declaration of Conformity – DoC”, instead of the former GOST R, GOST K, and Russian CTR certificates. CoC / DoC are now the documents required to import the CU equipment falling under CU TR. Very few equipment not falling under CU TR may still require GOST R or GOST K.
There are two types of CU TR certificate / declaration: Changes compared with previous certification procedures: Rustek can assist with the issue of CU TR Certificate or Declaration of Conformity as required by the Client.

Letter of Exemption
Sometimes there could be different interpretations whether goods belong to a code requiring certification / declaration or not. If it is believed that no certification is needed, a Letter of Exemption (LoE) could be issued. Rustek can assist in obtaining of Letter of Exemption in all the cases where such a letter may be helpful in clearing Customs, although it is not strictly necessary

Certificate of State Registration (Hygienic)
Since 1 July 2010 hygienic certificates are no longer issued. Previously issued hygienic certificates used to be valid until 1 January 2012. For many types of goods for which hygienic certificates were required before 1 July 2010, no documents are required now. There is so-called State Registration which is required for a short list of the goods, namely:

  1. Mineral water, tonic drinks, alcohol beverages including wines and beers.
  2. Special food products, including food for pregnant women, special dietary food etc.
  3. Food products on basis of GMO.
  4. Food additives and the like.
  5. Cosmetic goods.
  6. Disinfectants and disinfectant materials.
  7. Household chemical goods
  8. Potentially hazardous chemical and biological materials
  9. Potable water treatment equipment
  10. Personal hygiene items
  11. Goods to be in a contact with foodstuff (except for tableware and technological equipment).
The procedure to obtain State Registration is complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Rustek can assist in obtaining the Certificate of State Registration for your goods.

Fire Safety Certificate
A Fire Safety Certificate is a document issued by the Fire Safety Certification Body accredited by Ministry of Emergency and states that the equipment is in line with Russian Fire Technical Regulation. A Fire Safety Certificate could be issued on basis of:

There are the following types of Fire Safety Certificates: Fire certification procedures in general are very similar to GOST R certification procedures, and also assume documentation review, sample testing, and inspection visits. Rustek can advise on the applicable requirements based on the nature and scope of the equipment.

The list of goods subject to Fire Safety Certification is defined by Government Decree
No 241 dated 17.03.2009. In general, all the goods could be divided into four categories:
  1. Fire fighting, detection and control equipment
  2. Electrical goods (almost all the types of cables, circuit breakers)
  3. Materials (PVC sheets, decoration panels, heat insulation materials)
  4. Construction elements (cable transits, fire dampers, cable channels and conduits)
In some cases a Fire Safety Certificate is required at the Customs stage, along with a GOST R certificate. The list of goods for which a Fire Certificate is required at the customs is defined by Government Decree No 140 dated 17.03.2010. This list includes for all the goods of group 1 above, as well as fire dampers, ventilation channels, cable channels, conduits and the like. For all other goods listed in the Decree No 241,a Fire Certificate is required for operation only. For some unclear cases, a Fire Letter of Exemption could be issued.

Rustek can assist in obtaining of any type of Fire Safety Certificate, as well as a Fire Letter of Exemption, where appropriate.

As the procedure for fire certification is rather complicated, expensive and time consuming, it is advisable to purchase already certified components. In many cases Rustek can advise on components currently covered with Fire Safety certificates.

In Kazakhstan the document serving as Fire certificate in Russia is GGTN K Fire Permit. Similar to Russia there are two types of GGTN K Fire Permits The goods which are under GGTN K Fire are as follows:
  1. Fire fighting, detection and control equipment
  2. Materials (PVC sheets, decoration panels, heat insulation materials)
  3. Construction elements (cable transits, fire dampers, cable channels and conduits)
In Belarus, there are a few GOST B certification bodies accredited to issue GOST B Fire certificates. The goods which are under GOST B Fire certification is the same as that for Russia. The main difference is that GOST B Fire certificate is not required for fire fighting equipment mounted on the equipment and not intended for sale. For example Fire equipment supplied as a part of gas turbine package.

Permit for operation (RTN for Russia, GGTN K for Kazakhstan, GPN for Belarus)

Rostechnadzor do not issue RTN Permits any more since January 2014. CU TR Certificates or Declarations should be obtained instead of RTN Permits.

No changes to GGTN K permit for operation - it remains applicable to equipment destined for hazardous industrial sites. However CU TR certificates / Declarations are also required.

GPN Permit is not issued any more for equipment which is under CU TR certificate /declaration. As most industrial equipment, for which GPN Permit used to be required previously, is now under CU TR 010 and/or CU TR 032 certificate /declaration, in practice GPN Permit is not required for the import and operation of industrial equipment to Belarus. However, a GPN Permit is still applicable to the design of hazardous processes (typically for chemical and petrochemical industry), e.g. required for a company designing a process plant.

Metrology (Pattern Approval) Certificate
This certificate is required for all measuring instruments exhibiting certain measuring range and accuracy. This certificate is issued by national Metrology Authority: Rosstandart in Russia, Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology in Kazakhstan, State Committee of Standartization of Rep. of Belarus, on the basis of documents prepared by an accredited Metrology Institute. It declares that the certified instrument

There are two types of Metrology certificate: In most cases, a factory visit is not required for Metrology certification, unless the scope of certification is newly developed measuring instruments, having no analogues in this country. Test samples are required for certification tests in all the cases.

Rustek can assist in obtaining both types of Metrology Certification, and can also advise if the instrument in question is already certified or not.

Technical Passport
A Technical Passport is a document to be prepared and signed by the equipment manufacturer / supplier. It contains the technical specification, operating and maintenance instructions, manufacturer's declaration of conformity, as well as maintenance and repairs logbook.

In general, a Technical Passport should be prepared according to GOST 2.610-2006. In addition, there are special formats of Technical Passport for certain types of equipment, such as vessels, boilers, exhaust stacks, rupture discs, lifting equipment etc. Rustek can help with Technical Passport preparation in one of two ways.

Basic option (Assistance) - Rustek provides a Technical Passport (TP) "template" in English or English/Russian for Client to complete. This will be reviewed by Rustek, translated into Russian and returned to the Client by e-mail for further hard-copy issue and verification.
Extended option (Preparation) – This option assumes completion of TP by Rustek based on Client’s design and manufacturing documentation. Translation of attachment to TP’s, such as drawings / datasheets / manuals etc. can also be done by Rustek for an additional cost.

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